June 13, 2005

US expected to abandon Biometric passport plan

US expected to abandon Biometric passport plan, which is the most used excuse as to why the UK ID Card.

I wonder what excuse they will come up with now?
  • They've used terrorism, despite ID cards not stoping the Madrid bombers.
  • They've used ease of having all you identity documents in one card, making it easier to steal.
  • They've tried identity thieft, why having to steal or copy just one card instead of many makes things harder for the thief I don't know (and niether do they).
  • They've tried saying that they are 'entitlement cards' for the NHS, except that nobody is saying that amublances will leave people by the roadside if they don't have one and the GP's role as gatekeeper does effectively block much of what is called 'health tourism'.
Perhaps the truth, they want to be able to control our lives in as much detail as possible.


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